Michael Jude Larocca

Scrimba: JavaScriptmas 2021 - Issue 1

Posted on December 06, 2021

This article starts off the JavaScriptmas 2021 series! I will be documenting Scrimba's event in this series, including my challenge solutions, coverage of winners, and the Christmas Eve Livestream…

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Shruti Balasa: Getting started with Tailwind CSS

Posted on November 29, 2021

In this article, Shruti Balasa joins us on a Scrimba Livestream to teach us how to get started with Tailwind CSS, give us further instruction on her YouTube channel Thirus, and introduce her new book…

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Kacie Ahmed: Web3 - How to Get Started as a Beginner

Posted on November 22, 2021

In this article, Tech Twitter celebrity Kacie Ahmed teaches us how to get started in Web3 development by providing the libraries and frameworks to use, practice projects, tutorials to watch, and more…

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