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Teacher Feature: Dylan Israel

Published on December 06, 2020


Did you ever wonder if it was possible to teach yourself how to code and then land a six-figure job?

Dylan Israel accomplished this within five years.

When I first considered learning how to code, I did not personally know any web developers. Also, no one else that I knew was interested in learning how to become one. So I started a self-taught coding journey on my own.

I researched colleges, boot camps, and online coding schools. For me, the most viable option was an online course.

After deciding on what learning direction to take, I looked into the certifications offered online. However, I wasn't sure if a web developer certification was worth attaining.

Then, I came across this video. It inspired me to start learning and to earn the Free Code Camp Responsive Web Design certification.

Is FreeCodeCamp Worth It? Ask A Dev. Episode 40

Since then, I've been following Dylan's YouTube channel Coding Tutorials 360. I find it to be educating, informative, and entertaining.

Self-Taught or Not Podcast

Self-Taught or Not Podcast

Dylan is also a host, along with Erik Hanchett, on a podcast titled Self-Taught or Not.

I've learned so much about the programming industry from the Self-Taught or Not podcast.

Since I am a self-taught programmer and currently not employed as a developer, this program gives me great insight into the industry.

It is great to hear the perspective of both a self-taught developer and a traditionally trained developer on a broad range of topics covered in the podcast.

I've listened to both seasons that they released, and I am looking forward to the upcoming third season.


Recently, Amazon hired Dylan, offering him a six-figure salary. It is awe-inspiring.

Since Dylan is self-taught, it shows what is possible for other aspiring self-taught developers.

Dylan has courses available on Scrimba, Thinkster, SkillShare, & Udemy.

Dylan Clause

Dylan's latest course is a festive one, and there is still time to get in on the fun!

Check out Dylan's latest course, "24 days of JavaScriptmas" available now on Scrimba.

See the details below:

24 days of #JavaScriptmas

Level up your JavaScript skills with a daily coding challenge from December 1st to 24th, 2020. Every day, we'll pick a winner who gets Scrimba Pro for a year (worth $150). On Christmas Eve, a winner gets $1,000!


Dylan is an excellent teacher. You can learn a lot from him, and he continues to be an inspiration for myself and many other aspiring web developers.

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