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Amazing Conferences for Developers in 2023

Published on January 16, 2023

As a developer, attending conferences is one of the best ways to level up your career. In this article, James Q Quick provides a curated list of 10 conferences we should look forward to in 2023!


About James Q Quick

James Q Quick is a tech industry professional with over 20 years of experience. He studied at Vanderbilt University and has a degree in Computer Science.

He is passionate about teaching developers through content by creating weekly videos on his YouTube channel, which has over 174,000 followers and is growing!

James also hosts the popular weekly podcast Compressed FM, a show about web design and development, with co-host Amy Dutton.

During his time at Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist, James gave technical talks, a skill he continues to use today as an avid tech conference speaker.


From networking to learning about new tools, Frameworks, and more, conferences are one of the best ways to level up your career as a developer.

James regularly attends conferences and has experience as both an active attendee and a special guest speaker.

In addition to great talks on various topics, James tells us that conferences are full of amazing attendees and notable speakers, and even representatives of companies that are hiring!

James credits attending conferences as one of his hacks for advancing his career!

Note: If you cannot attend the events mentioned, or if they have already ended, as they are all PREMIUM annual events, James encourages us to go sometime in the future.


James Q Quick's curated conference list:

  1. CodeMash
  2. THAT
  3. NDC London
  5. RenderATL
  6. JSNation
  7. React Summit
  8. KCDC
  9. MagnoliaJS
  10. ATO
  11. Jamstack Conf (TBA)


Full-stack conference in Sandusky, United States Jan 10-13, 2023

James has heard great things about this Conference for years and highly recommends it!

The CodeMash conference takes place in a Kalahari resort, which includes an indoor arcade, water park, and more, which is perfect for kids!

πŸ”— Event website: CodeMash

Below is information from the conference website πŸ”½

CodeMash 101

CodeMash is a unique event that educates developers on current practices, methodologies and technology trends in a variety of platforms and development languages. Held every January at the lush Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio, attendees will be able to attend a world-class technical conference amid Ohio's largest indoor waterpark. Nobody will frown if you show up in shorts, sandals, and your loudest t-shirt. You might even win a prize for doing so.

It's not just about a grind of sessions, but also providing attendees the opportunity of continuing the conversations and networking outside of the daily conference events. The goal has always been to achieve this mission by creating a conference environment that focuses on professionalism and respect for one another.

THAT Conference


THAT Conference also occurs in a Kalahari resort, and James has attended THAT Conference in Wisconsin twice.

During the upcoming event in Austin on January 17th, 2023, James will be giving a keynote talk! He will also be broadcasting live episodes of the Compressed FM podcast.

James tells us that Clark, the event's founder, cares about the community, and the branding for THAT Conference is a fun camping theme!

Upcoming conference dates:

  • January 15, 2023 - January 18, 2023
  • July 24, 2023 - July 27, 2023

πŸ”— Event website: THAT Conference

Below is information from the conference website πŸ”½


A full-stack, tech-obsessed conference full of fun, code-loving humans who share and learn together.

THAT Conference is unlike any other technical conference. This unique four-day summer camp is full of workshops, sessions, open spaces, family events, and networking, all nestled in the gorgeous Kalahari Resort and Waterpark. This family-friendly event is comprised of professional and family tracks, so there is something to learn and experience at all ages.

James Q. Quick - Feeling stuck in Your Career...Now What?

Feeling stuck? We've all been there, but you alone have the ability to influence and control the path that of your career. Sometimes you just need a nudge in the right direction! In this talk, let's discuss tangible steps for actively pursuing happiness and fulfillment in your career.

NDC London

23-27 January 2023 Queen Elizabeth II Centre

NDC London has been on James's radar for several years. He has also heard amazing things about the NDC conferences in general.

Unfortunately, James informs us he has yet to be accepted to speak at this conference. Nevertheless, he tells us NDC London is well-known with an established brand and encourages us to attend.

πŸ”— Event website: NDC London

Below is information from the conference website πŸ”½

About NDC

Since its start-up in Oslo 2008, the Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC) quickly became one of Europe's largest conferences for .NET & Agile development. Today NDC Conferences are 5-day events with 2 days of pre-conference workshops and 3 days of conference sessions.

NDC London 2023

NDC London 2023 will be at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre from 23-27 January.

The conference will feature 5 tracks covering topics such as:

.NET - Agile - C++ - Cloud - Database - Design - DevOps - Embedded - Front-End Framework - Fun - Functional Programming - Gadgets - Internet of Things - JavaScript - Microsoft - Mobile - People - Programming Languages - Security - Techniques - Testing - Tools - UX – Web and more.


JavaScript conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands Feb 8-10, 2023

JSWORLD is a JavaScript-focused conference held in Amsterdam.

Just as with the other conferences, James continuously hears great things, and he looks forward to attending and speaking at the JSWORLD conference in the future.

πŸ”— Event website: jsworldconference

Below is information from the conference website πŸ”½


A 3-day JavaScript Celebration together with 2139 JavaScript Developers. Packed with the Latest JavaScript Updates by Authors, Creators and Experts.

45 talks to stay on top of the latest topics like Vue3, Angular 15, React 18, Qwik, Vite, AuthZ, Demystifying Protocol Buffers and gRPC.

Your chance get in touch with Creators and Maintainers from Vue, Astro, Nuxt, Angular, Vite and Storybook. You will be provided with technical updates on the largest and hottest technologies alongside case studies on how to tackle your developer challenges.



James attended RenderATL last year.

Although RenderATL is a relatively new conference, James tells us how much they've grown and speaks highly of the community, branding, and community they built.

James cites it as the most diverse conference he has been to; tons of culture, music, and great food!

πŸ”— Event website: RenderATL

Below is information from the conference website πŸ”½


  • 3 DAYS. 80+ SPEAKERS.

10 AMAZING Conferences for JavaScript Developers in 2023!


June 1 (hybrid in Amsterdam) & June 5 (remote), 2023

JSNation is another JavaScript-focused conference held in Amsterdam.

James has heard many great things about this conference and tells us there are a lot of familiar faces in terms of the speakers; it is a high-profile event!

πŸ”— Event website: JSNation

Below is information from the conference website πŸ”½

JSNation is a 2-day 2-track event focusing exclusively on JavaScript development. Discover the future of the JavaScript development ecosystem and get connected to its stellar crowd!

This year, the format of the event will be hybrid, with the first day (June 1) streamed from the Amsterdam venue including hybrid networking features and interactive entertainment; and second day (June 5), as well as the numerous free workshops, streamed to the global audience online.

React Summit

June 2 (in-person in Amsterdam) & June 6 (remote), 2023

The React Summit is a high-profile conference that is framework specific.

James tells us this is another event where there will be a lot of familiar guest speakers.

If you are looking to level up your React skills and want to socialize with other React developers, James tells us it would be a great option for us and to check it out.

πŸ”— Event website: React Summit

Below is information from the conference website πŸ”½


  • 2 Tracks: Base Camp & Summit
  • 60+ Speakers sharing latest insights
  • 25K+ Devs from all over the globe
  • 1500 Luckies meet in Amsterdam

React Summit is an annual conference on all things React, gathering thousands of Front-end and Full-stack engineers from around the world.

Originally exclusively in-person, React Summit now offers a hybrid format with both remote and in-person participation.


Thursday June 22 - Friday June 23 Kansas City Convention Center

KCDC is another conference in the USA that James has attended and highly recommends.

This conference is not JavaScript-specific and has its roots in the .NET community. James says it has evolved to be very polyglot, and if we want an opportunity to check out a ton of different speakers at a big conference, this is a great one to check out!

πŸ”— Event website: KCDC

Below is information from the conference website πŸ”½

The Kansas City Developer Conference is excited to announce our 14th annual event! Our 2023 conference will be held June 21-23, 2023, with a pre-conference workshop day and two full conference days. Once again, the event will be held at the Kansas City Convention Center in downtown Kansas City. Each year, we draw a large audience of new and experienced Developers, Architects, UI/UX Designers, QA Professionals, PMs, and Technology Managers from Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Oklahoma, the Dakotas, and around the United States and the world. We hope you will join us!


October 17-18, 2023, Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson, MS

In contrast to James's previous picks, MagnoliaJS is a really small conference.

James attended this event last year with a bunch of his friends ( who were guest speakers ) and his Compressed FM co-host, Amy Dutton.

The size of the conference was approximately 50 people, making it easy to participate; no worries about missing out on talks or which groups to attend since it was so intimate.

James tells us that as this is a small conference, we will have the ability to take in everything that it offers.

πŸ”— Event website: MagnoliaJS

Below is information from the conference website πŸ”½

MagnoliaJS is a front-end conference based in Jackson, Mississippi. Our goal with MagnoliaJS is ultimately to move Mississippi forward by highlighting the tech community within Jackson.

MagnoliaJS 2023 will be our 5th event and we're doing something special by having a Halloween-themed event! Costumes are welcomed (if not encouraged)!

ATO (All Things Open)

October 15-17 in Raleigh, NC

All Things Open was one of the most fun conferences James attended last year.

All Things Open is a large conference with an all-star lineup of speakers. James tells us the activities and engagement were great, and the downtown Raleigh area was fun and easy to get around.

πŸ”— Event website: ATO

Below is information from the conference website πŸ”½

Why Attend All Things Open?

After all these years, open source skills are more important and sought after than ever.

More than anything, ATO is an educational conference where attendees learn about new technologies and topics, and it’s always been that way. The goal is for attendees to leave having learned something or been made aware of something new.

Jamstack Conf

Dates to be announced - San Francisco

Netlify hosts the Jamstack conference, which is all about modern web development:

  • server deployments
  • acronyms
  • methodologies
  • and more

James informs us there is a high-quality lineup of speakers, engagements, and more.

He has yet to attend but is excited about participating, including speaking, in the future.

Note: The conference dates for 2023 have yet to be announced.

πŸ”— Event website: Jamstack

Below is information from the conference website πŸ”½

Jamstack Conf is for engineers, technology leaders, and digital agencies who are embracing the next evolution of modern web development architecture.

Learn Watch talks from people creating the building blocks of the modern web and from people putting those tools to work.

Liaise Connect virtually and in person as we bring this bustling community together to share experiences and make new connections.

Level-up Take your skills up a notch by attending one of the in-person workshops from experts in the industry.

What is Jamstack? Jamstack is an architectural approach that decouples the web experience layer from data and business logic, improving flexibility, scalability, performance, and maintainability.

Jamstack removes the need for business logic to dictate the web experience.

It enables a composable architecture for the web where custom logic and 3rd party services are consumed through APIs.

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As a developer attending conferences, you can level up your career by learning from the topics covered, networking with like-minded peers and representatives from hiring companies, and taking advantage of other opportunities that arise.

James credits attending conferences as one of his hacks for advancing his career. He believes if we also participate in conferences as active attendees and possibly speakers as he does, we will also succeed in advancing our careers!

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