Michael Jude Larocca

How to Create a Next Level GitHub Profile, with Jesse Hall

Posted on November 15, 2021

In this article, Jesse Hall shows us how to take our GitHub profile to the next level by utilizing GitHub Actions to display our latest blog posts, add social links, display the tools we use, and more…

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Review: Eddie Jaoude Course - How to customize your GitHub Profile

Posted on November 08, 2021

We spent a lot of time on GitHub participating in Hacktoberfest 2021. But did you know you can customize your GitHub profile? In this article, Eddie Jaoude shows us how to make our profiles stand out…

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Hacktoberfest 2021: Issue IV "A New Approach"

Posted on November 01, 2021

In this climactic conclusion of the Hacktoberfest 2021 article series, I seek guidance from the teachings of a CSS Master in "A NEW HOPE" to create my first ever contribution before Hacktoberfest ends…

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